TITO Tickets

We supply high quality thermal tickets designed for all TITO (ticket-in / ticket-out) coin-less slot machines.

Use your own artwork/design or let us design a custom ticket for you!

Our tickets are printed on Kanzaki or Appleton base papers, fit all coin-less gaming printers, and are approved for use by FutureLogic and TransAct.

  • 4-color process and/or spot color printed tickets, printing front and back
  • A variety of security features are available
  • Axiom thermal roll stock available

Product supplied in stand-out white boxes of 12,000 tickets with easy-lift stacks, banded for easy loading and pack stability, and in quantities from 200-1000 per pack

Wrapped packs available.

Generic stock is available for immediate shipment.

About TITO

Ticket-in Ticket-out is a technology used by modern slot machines and slot systems.It is said to have been developed by IGT and CDS under the name EZ Pay. A TITO slot machine prints out a barcoded ticket that can be redeemed for cash at a casino’s cashier station or redemption kiosk; the ticket can also be inserted into another slot machine. That is where the slot “system” comes into play. In a typical casino, there are several different slot machine manufacturers / vendors that make-up the casino floor. In order for that barcoded ticket to work in all manufacturers’ slot machines, there must be one common slot system to verify the barcode. To date, there are multiple companies that developed slot systems to use ticket-in ticket out, such as Bally, IGT and Aristocrat.